Meet @soberyungwalter, the Vetements-Loving Teen Called Out by A$AP Bari

#GramGen is a series profiling the most radical characters in youth culture, who continue to shape trend behavior and spark controversy through their avant fashion sense and candid social media personalities. 

Meet Walter Harvin, aka @soberyungwalter. At just 18 years old, Walter is living his best life right here in the Big Apple – between launching his very own magazine, acquiring an extensive Vetements collection and getting caught in beefs with A$AP Bari on Instagram (I kid you not).

But Walter isn’t just your average follower-crazed hype kid; with an acute knowledge for current trends and a self-aware attitude that keeps him grounded, the Harlem native has a promising future ahead of him.

We caught up with Walter to find out how he’s able to afford his grail-worthy gear, what he does to ward off the haters and what the trick to breaking into the “scene” really is.


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I’m 18 years old.

I’m from Harlem, but I got a crib in New Jersey.

I started this project along with my best friend Theo, called The Uncommon Magazine, which is a youth culture publication. We are currently working on the first printed issue.


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For as long as I can remember. My mom had me at a young age so she always kept me up to date with the latest trends since I was born.

My favorite brands right now are Gosha, Vetements, Yang Li, Junya and CdG.

My style is very versatile; I love to mix up a variety of different brands. People say it’s “too much,” but it’s what I like.

To be honest, I barely spend money on clothes; I either trade or find them for really cheap. I’d say about $500-$1,000.


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I can’t afford it, but I have some stuff that people are willing to trade for I guess.

I usually look on Grailed and bargain with the sellers, or on other apps like Depop.

The most I’ve even spent on a piece of clothing was like $2k, and it was like a bundle deal with a bunch of old Supreme stuff.

Definitely quality over quantity.

LOL…it’s very petty. Like this guy is represented by Nike and he taunted me by saying “You making my kicks look wack.” Dude – don’t make sneakers if you are gonna complain about who’s wearing them.

Do you think some of these big designers want people to wear their clothes the way we do? No! I just ignored it. Rule #1 – never start beef with someone with lower credentials than you.

What scene? LOL. This isn’t a scene bro, this is a big mess! So many people have big platforms to change the “scene” but instead they make kids feel obligated to buy their shitty brand to be considered “cool.”

I don’t want any money from these kids, I just want them to know you don’t need a bunch of followers to feel accepted and to display your art, just be original.

I wouldn’t say I’m a victim because I wear what I like and most of the pieces/brands I wear now is either stuff I was not able to secure before or I was already wearing a year and a half ago, like Vetements.

Yuh ooh , look at deez nikkaz

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In the next few years, I’ll probably be in school and hopefully my magazine will get bigger and will attract the right crowd. Maybe I can obtain a creative direction job at a big media firm. Some career ambitions are to do what you love and make sure no one holds you back from it. With that being said, never sell out to the industry!

"way too much act inna sprite for him"

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I love that more people are involved and are more confident. I HATE that everyone is quick to say “oh you copied this person,” or “oh I started this.” Like what??? FOH.

Hating can only get you so far, and one day that hate will turn into love .

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